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Your Guide To good Frame Size
Want to understand the magic portion to a good fitting pair?

It’s your frame size

Here’s a Guide that’ll offer you the fastest & best route to your best-fitting frames.

Key Note: At EyeMyEye, most of our collections constitute Medium Size classthis is often as a result of our frames ar designed keeping in mind a perfect Indian face. just in case you’re unsure of your frame size, you’ll continually strive shopping for a medium frame that matches most of the individuals. However, if you would like to be 100 percent positive, follow any of the ways in which below to urge thereto good match.

While we’ve helped lots of happy customers with their good frame, yet, during a rare case, if you face any size problemsyou’ll avail our 14-Day No queries Asked Returns Policy. though our lenses ar made-to-order according your frame & power, yet, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. So, we are going to refund your entire lens+ frame price.

1. victimisation Size Of Your Current Frames
If you own a well-fitted combine already, try to peek at the insides of the temples to search out out the measurements. it might appear as if a group of numbers that denote lens breadth, bridge breadth & temple length severally. e.g. 52-15-165

2. employing a Ruler
In case your frames ar older than a year, you would possibly realize the numbers lightthis offers doubt an opportunity and you will find yourself shopping for a wrong size.

So let’s have a glance at consecutive easiest way. For this, you’ll need:

mm Ruler / material activity Tape
Pen/Pencil to Record the Readings
Take cues from the ranges below to avoid any mistakes.

Lens Width/Diameter – The horizontal breadth of every lens in millimeters. It ranges between 40-62mm.

Bridge breadth – the space between the 2 lenses in millimeters. It ranges between 14-24mm.

Temple Length – The length from screw to temple tips. It ranges between 110-150mm.

Our frame sizes
3. employing a article of clothing Size Guide
You’d marvel however a article of clothing guide will assist youhowever generally, your regular shirt will assist you solve this mystery sort of a professional. Here’s however –

People who wear little (S) size:
It is doubtless your face structure would be little too. In general, frames with but or adequate to 50mm of lens-width would suit you simply just in case of eyeglasses. For eyeglasses the breadth of 55mm or less ought to be your alternative.

People who wear massive (L) size:
Your spectacles should be 55mm wide or additionaljust in case of shades, this can be 65mm or additional.

People who wear Medium (M) size:
You can choose frames between 51mm to 54mm of lens-width for eyeglasses and 56mm to 64mm for eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses Size Chart
50mm or less 51mm-54mm 55mm or additional
Sunglasses Size Chart
55mm or less 56mm-64mm 65mm or additional

4. victimisation Debit/Credit Card
Did you recognize you’ll decide your frame size together with your debit/credit cards too?

Interestingly, the quality breadth of the cardboard will be compared to a medium (M) sized frame. Let’s see however.

Place one fringe of the cardboard at the middle of your nose & if:

The other finish of the cardboard ends at the tip of your eye; a medium sized frame would suit you right
The card breadth extends the tip of the eye; atiny low frame is what you would like
If the sting of the cardboard ends before your eye’s tip, you’ll want a (L) large-sized frame.
5. Still Confused?
It’s okay, happens! however don’t worry. provide America a turn 08069051111 or mail at support@eyemyeye.com our size specialists can assist you realize your size-match.

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